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    By working in a coworking space, you’ll network every day, rather than having to pay to attend networking events. Your shared space will bring you in contact with other small business professionals that may help you grow your business in unexpected ways. You never know who you’ll meet at the Center!

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    The Collaborative Women’s Center is an innovative approach to supporting women in business. The Center’s mission is to build a community of collaborative women, each using each other’s talents to help one another grow in their respective fields. We provide a safe and supportive environment free from distraction of home life, while benefiting from the resources and space at the center. You never know who you will meet there – it could be your next big client. At the Center, a mom juggling family and work can have a place just for HER.

  • The Collaborative Women’s Center is an innovative approach to the office needs of small business. Featured in multiple news stories since its opening, the Center is gaining national attention. Watch Fox New’s “The New Economy” segment.
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    Situated on Route 111 in Monroe, the Collaborative Women’s Center is approximately 1,000 square feet of open meeting space. The space is designed with mobility in mind. Tables and chairs for 30, sitting area, with TV and video equipment, dry kitchen for entertaining, rolling demonstration racks for presentations, and private work stations. Wireless internet, projector and flip charts available for use.

Enjoy the benefits of a professional office space without the hefty costs associated with renting space on your own.
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